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Is very easy to find a good designer, a proffesional photographer or an agency which offers countless services... But we strongly believe that companies need much more than it.


Over the years we have noticed that relationship between company and services lender is essential in projects development and mutual growth and thats why our focus goes further than offering quality services with high satisfaction level, our objective is to generate links through we can advance hand in hand with every company belonging to our clients portfolio.


At The Cube Ideas we focus on creating strategic alliances with our clients and that is why our business concept goes beyond conventional sales and service processes.


Our methodology guides us to understand entrepreneurs, to want to know their needs and those of their consumers, to know in depth the reasons why a business prospers or not.


And that is why we act from a human and supportive perspective, always looking for the underlying reasons for all the events we deal with in our day to day. The quality of the service is our differentiating factor as a brand, because we internalize the needs of our clients and turn them into our own. We embody each penny invested and each image presented, we live their experience from beginning to end and project their dreams as part of our company.


A wide variety of services

made for success

In our agency we have a team of experts, trained in the elaboration of appropriate strategies for the objectives of each client. This generates a high rate of growth and satisfaction in each company that chooses us.

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Graphic design

Colors and ideas

Our extended trajectory in graphic design lists us as an excellent partner to materialize your projects, we make your ideas come alive through the visuals. Our expertise comes in different tools like Adobe suite and mobile apps which help you to explore the big world of image and video.


Web design

Your company home at internet

When is about digital pressence you definetely need a website... It is your customer's home. We offer different technologies for websites development and may differ based on your needs and the things you do or sell. You can go with a landing page, coded site, wordpress site, prestashop or shopify ecommerce and each one satisfies different marketing objectives. The most we need from you is all information you want there, so we can build the perfect place for your company at internet.

The perfect fit for your ads campaign

Landing page

This is a fast way to complete a good ads campaign. Basically is a page where your customers will land after clicking on your ads, so they will see simple and faster content than a full structured website, as the main idea is to convert clics on sales. It can be done via codes or integrating it with an ecommerce, the one you prefer.

If codes and visuals are yours

Coded site

Codes are still an excellent option, specially when you want very specific things for your site. One of the things we most like about this, is that you can customize your site in too many ways and it will really depend on the type of code you have, like a premium for example. Coded sites are delivered with a basic training on editing them or with admin per month fee.

When you need an easy admin

Wordpress site

There are no woes if you prefer a CMS like Wordpress for your website, we also can do it. The advantage in this case is the admin panel you will have, although still you need some knowledge to edit your template, so it's very important to emphasize in that. Anyway, we also offer the training for this kind of sites as most important is that you feel comfortable.

A fast way to sell online

Prestashop ecommerce

For online sellers this in an amazing choice. With Prestashop you will find such a great pack of tools for your store in a very simple to use platform, so you will never feel stressed about updating your stock or changing slides for home. You will be trained in admin panel so you can manage your sales in a simple way. Also you can hire an admin package for some items.

Selling your products in an easy way

Shopify ecommerce

It's all about tastes... And if you prefer Shopify for your ecommerce project, then we can do it too. Possibilities are too much and you will be able to manage things like apps integrations or customers orders with no problems. Training is included in your package and for special needs you can hire an extra service.

Social media management

Our Pricing Plans

You can choose from one of our social media plans depending on your needs and the size of your business. And, of course, if you need a tailored solution, we can make it for you.

Basic Plan

$400/ month

Social media strategy

Posts: 12

Stories: 8

Content publication

PPC strategy research

Ads campaigns

1 Consulting per week

go basic

Advanced Plan

$700/ month

Social media strategy

Posts: 16

Stories: 12

Content publication

PPC strategy research

2 Ads campaigns

2 Consultings per week

go advanced

Premium Plan

$950/ month

Social media strategy

Posts: 20

Stories: 16

Content publication

PPC strategy research

4 Ads campaigns

2 Consultings per week

go premium
Pay per clic

We make amazing ads

We will work together to understand your business and offer you the best choices depending on your goals. We work with Meta, Google and Linked In ads. Our objective is that you can have a full of clients marketing funnel so you can make more and more conversions with a good campaigns planning.


Facebook & Instagram

We have years of experience performing campaigns at social media and Meta Suite is one of our specialities. We will define the right campaign for you in order to run it, no matter if it's about reach, traffic, conversions, leads or retargeting, we will drive the results you are looking for with the right creative / execution combination.


Google and Youtube network

If exposure is what you want, we can handle your campaigns in a wide reach network. Google Ads offers a fantastic space for advertisers like you and we will help you to increase your sales with this powerful tool, in this process we will review your site to check if it needs improvements so users really find it like their next seller.


Linked In

You also can target a proffesionals network like your next audience as not every company sells same products or services. So you can consider this network if you have a B2B approach in your business. Let's make a draft and see if this is the right choice for you.

Email marketing

Massive communication

Keeping your clients informed about your company and promotions is an essential task, so they always stay in the funnel. But you need to track all the events, so you can understand how to improve the process.

  • Idea development

    First things first... We listen to you and analyze how you've been doing it, we need to know if you have sent email marketing campaigns before, what are your objectives and how would you like to show your message, after this, we will show you a draft for your email.

  • Platform email design

    We are able to perform your campaigns in different platforms such as Mailchimp, Sendinblue, Mailrelay, Privy, Mailify and Send in Blaster. Your contents are thought to be attractive and designed for clics... And, of course, fully responsive.

  • Campaign delivery

    Once we've finished with design phase we will schedule the campaign delivery. You just have to tell us when to do it so we can proceed, this part is very important as campaign information will start to be gathered.

  • Tracking

    It´s time to collect information like clics, CTR, opt outs, etc. We will wait two weeks until we can say something about results, it is important that you know that we will be checking all the indicators for your emails so we can perform each time better.

  • Analysis & Report

    Let's gonna interpret the numbers. We will tell you how much people opened the email, how many of them clic on your logo, your social media links or you promotions images. This will give us an insight on how to do a better work and what people like from your emails.


The organic power

We focus our SEO strategies thinking about the users, they always need to find a fast loading site so they can feel happy. So at The Cube Ideas we offer a purposeful service that matches your needs, and thinking always about performance, we will advise you about best practices for your website so you can enhance speed, UX, UI and so, carry more traffic, which can represent... More clients and sales.

People are looking for you

Build an stronger search volume

There are a lot of people out there, actively looking for products or services like yours and actually they could be very interested into you, but if you are not displaying in search engines they cannot call you, so that's where SEO comes to you and your company.

Working with objectives

Strategy is the roadmap key

We have a team ready to build your SEO strategies so we can provide a solution for your organic growth, we make your SEO plan with our experts, analyzing your site and telling you what are the best possible actions to gain positions at search engines.

Be prepared for changes

Receive better traffic and positioning

And be ready, we will look for a best qualified traffic to your website, so you must be able to attend it in some many ways, like having a good user experience site, giving timely attention and keeping an updated site, so customers always find a match between what they are looking for and what they see.

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